About US

About Us

Welcome to Khetikaisekre.com, on this blog, we keep sharing updates related to farming on a daily basis. Mainly in Hindi, in this blog you will get complete information about farming in Hindi language like how to do farming, about the tools used in farming, you will get detailed information about some important crops and their production sequence. Information will be available through this blog of ours.

Whatever information is shared on this blog is shared keeping in mind the interest of the people, and our aim is to reach good and important information to you people.

Khetikaisekre.com is such a Hindi blog where you can do farming, information about crops, important tips related to crops, Rabi crops, agricultural production, you get detailed information about vegetables eaten daily in Hindi.

As we told, we post an article every day on this blog. Whatever we think may be beneficial for you, we share it. Still, if you want to know about anything and it is not available on our blog, then you can ask by commenting. We will share the solution on our blog as soon as possible.

“Aim of Khetikaisekre.com is that people in India who have trouble in English but those people also want to know about agriculture and things related to it, they will get complete information in Hindi on this blog “Khetikaisekre.com”. But you will get information related to the topic given below in Hindi from Detail.

  • modern agriculture
  • About crops
  • Farmer news
  • Modern farming methods
  • Agricultural machinery information
  • Advanced farming methods

About Founder/Author :

Vishal Kushwaha & Ankit Bohra is the Founder & Author of Khetikaisekre.com. Ankit Bohra is an Engineer in Computer Science & Engineering Stream. He has completed his Engineering From a Private College in Rajasthan Vishal Kushwaha is completed his graduation in the agriculture field from Allahabad University. Vishal Kushwaha is belonging to the village city in Allahabad so he is very good in the agriculture field. he is likely to write information about agriculture and Ankit’s prime field is in tech so his prime interest in technology.

They both love to do Blogging related to agriculture and tech. He is also proficient in Photoshop, Video Editing and Video Making, and Digital marketing.