Making ‘Paper Girls’ ‘Wikipedia-proof’ meant change.

“Paper Girls” features opposing futuristic factions in time travel, covert time warfare, mysterious technology, and even giant robot battles, but at its core it’s a coming-of-age story about four 12-year-old girls. Is.

For Vaughn, the key elements he wanted to keep the show from the comic book series were “the four girls and their relationships and who they are” as well as the antinostalgia for the era.

We didn’t want to do something that was about looking back in the ’80s with rose-tinted glasses,” Vaughan said.

Part of the goal, Vaughan explained, was for the show to be “Wikipedia-proof,” so people won’t be able to see what happens next.

Vaughn and Chiang break down some of their favorite surprises from the show below.

One of the original characters from the TV series is Larry Radakowski, a member of the STF underground, which the girls first encounter in 2019.

In the comics, Mack learns that his future self is dead when he must move into his family’s home and encounter a stranger. But in the series, Mac learns that his older brother, Dylan, has become a doctor in the future and seeks him out and spends some quality time with him.

Because the series doesn’t exactly follow the time-travel travel schedule set out in the comics, KJ learns about his future in an entirely different way.

Vaughan said, “Priores was originally going to be a minor character in the comic, but as soon as I saw Cliff’s design, I was like, ‘Oh, no, this is incredible, and she’s going to be very important to the story. It is,” said Vaughan. ,

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